After School Clubs

Performance Clubs

At Goddard Park the children have the opportunity to join a whole school Choir, a Performing Arts club and an Art club. These take place weekly.

Glee Club: Miss Smy- Monday 3.15-4.30 and Thursday 3.15-4.00

Choir: Mrs Murray- Wednesday 3.15-4.15

Art: Mrs Tanfield – 3.15-4.00 to start after February half term.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday 10th February- Glee club performing at the Wyvern in the ‘Wiltshire Dance Festival 2015’

Wednesday 18th March- Choir performing at the ‘Junior Music Festival’ at the Oasis.

TBC (summer term) – Arts Week

Film Club

Every Monday 3:15-4:15!



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Coming soon!

Netball and Dodgeball

School Sports clubs and competitions:

Boys Football Team Fixtures and Results
League fixtures and results:
Goddard Park 2 – 1 Ruskin Junior School
South Marston 3 – 6 Goddard Park

Bloor’s Homes Cup Fixtures and Results
Goddard Park 7 – 2 Swindon Academy
East Wichel v Goddard Park (tba)

Girls Football Team Fixtures and Results
ESFA Danone Nations Cup for Girls – District Heat
Goddard Park 1 – 0 Even Swindon
Goddard Park 5 – 0 Lydiard Millicent
Goddard Park 0 – 1 Holy Cross

The girls have qualified for the regional heats!!!