Financial Information and Key Documents


PE and Sports Premium 2016-17

Pupil Premium Statement 15-16

Annual Report and Financial Statement to 31 August 2016

Scheme of Delegation September 2016

PE and Sport Premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium Statement 14.15

Annual Report and Financial Statement to 31 August 2015

Value for Money statement 2013-14 – updated April 2015

Value for Money statement 2013-14 – original

Pupil Premium Statement 2013-14

Annual Report and Financial Statements to 31 August 2014

PE and Sports Grant 2013-2014

Statutory Accounts 2012/13

Value for Money Statement 2012/13

Pupil Premium Statement 12-13

Statutory Accounts 2011/12

Statutory Accounts 2010/11

Articles of Association – updated 18.04.2012

Single Model Funding Agreement – updated 18.04

Memorandum of Association


Goddard Park Trust Members

Mr Reg Thoburn

Mr Mike Welsh

Mrs Beverley Mann

Mrs Lisa Garrett


Goddard Park Governors (All appointed for four years terms of office)

Our Governing Body is made up of the following categories of Governors. We have three Scrutiny Committees: Teaching and Learning (T&L), Child and Community Services (CCS) and Resources (R), please see latest Committee Structure attachment below.

Trustee Committee Structure February 2017

Governance Arrangements 2016 inc. Register of Interests and Attendance at meetings

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via Sally Love, Clerk to the Governors: Telephone 01793 343401 or email loves@goddardpark.co.uk.

Member appointed Governors:

Mr Reg Thoburn (Chair of Governors and Chair of Resources Committee) Term of office expiry: 10/03/2019

Mr David Godfrey (Chair of Teaching and Learning) Term of office expiry: 10/03/2019

Mr Peter Elliott Term of office expiry: 20/02/2021

Local Authority Appointed Governors:


Parent appointed Governors:


Mrs Fiona Boyd  Term of office expiry: 28/09/2019

Mrs Debbie Doyle  Term of office expiry: 28/09/2019

Mr Brian Hall Term of office expiry: 13/06/2020

Ms Eve Pocock  Term of office expiry: 13/11/2018

Community Appointed Governors:

Mrs Lisa Garrett (Vice Chair and Chair of Child and Community Services Committee)      Term of office expiry: 07/03/2020

Mr Simon Haynes Term of office expiry: 30/11/2020

Staff Appointed Governors:

Mr Chris Tye    Term of office expiry:  13/11/2018



Mr Mike Welsh

Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs Sally Love

If you are interested in becoming a Governor or would like to speak with a member of the Governing Body, please contact Sally Love on 01793 342342 or email loves@goddardpark.co.uk


Please click on the below to view FGB meeting minutes:

AGM 05.12.16

FGB Minutes 05.12.16

FGB Minutes 03.10.16

FGB Minutes 18.07.16

FGB Minutes 23.05.16

FGB Minutes 07.03.16

AGM 30.11.15

FGB Minutes 30.11.15

FGB Minutes 22.09.15

FGB Minutes 13.07.15

FGB Minutes 01.06.15

FGB Minutes 10.03.15

AGM 08.12.14

FGB Minutes 08.12.14

FGB Minutes 20.10.14

FGB Minutes 14.07.14

FGB Minutes 19.05.14

FGB Minutes 24.02.14

FGB Minutes 27.01.14

AGM 16.12.13

FGB Minutes 16.12.13

FGB Minutes 21.10.13

FGB Minutes 12.09.13

FGB Minutes 15.07.13

FGB Minutes 09.05.13

FGB Minutes 18.02.13

FGB Minutes 10.12.12

AGM 10.12.12

FGB Minutes 15.10.12

FGB Minutes 06.09.12

FGB Minutes 28. 05. 12

FGB MINUTES 27.02.12

FGB MINUTES 12.03.12

FGB MINUTES 05.12.11

FGB MINUTES 03.10.11

AGM 05.12.11